Village of Brookville, Board of Trustees (Regular Monthly Meeting)

January 11, 1994

Clerk/Treasurer -

Village Attorney -

Building Inspector -

Lighting Comm. - 4 outages

Fire Comm. - further discussion of Tam O'Shanter fire

Sanitation Comm. -

Road Comm. - (Ted Sasso) -
normal maintenance done, including drainage

Police Comm. -

Public - there was a lengthy discussion of sanding and plowing practices in the village, several residents of Woodacres Road criticized the village's excessive reliance on sanding in lieu of better plowing, especially in light of the price of sand, given as $30 per cubic yard by (a resident) of Woodacres Road, and as $40 per cubic yard by Mr. Sasso, the Road Commissioner

these notes were prepared by the Village Residents Party