Village of Brookville, Board of Trustees (Regular Monthly Meeting)

May 23, 1995

Clerk/Treasurer -

Village Attorney -

Building Inspector -

Asst. Road Comm. -

Sanitation Comm. -

Road Comm. (Ted Sasso) -

Lighting Comm. (Helen Benzie) - bids have been let for new maintenance contracts.

Fire Comm. (Charles Randall) - not present, but there were no fires that caused structural damage mentioned in the Police Report (per Dick Goodwin, Village Mayor)

Police Comm. (Lawrence Cohen) -

Mayor (Dick Goodwin) - A high speed (125 mph) car chase took place in which an OBPD car chased a motorcycle. The police officer was reprimanded for disobeying department regulations concerning maximum speeds in pursuit situations. The Sergeant who oversaw the incident lost his command and was put back into rotation.

Other Business -

Public - (a resident) discussed some problems that he was having with his house in Broadhollow. Many of the plans cannot be verified because the Architect has fled the country. The Village Board agreed to consider providing some sort of relief and will consider the matter in Executive Session.

Executive Session - to consider "a police matter" (per Dick Goodwin, Village Mayor)

these notes were prepared by the Village Residents Party