NY Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

The village governments maintain a large body of records that include financial records, meeting minutes (and meeting transcripts, on occasion), blueprints of sub-divisions and major construction projects, compilations of police activities, and a great deal more. Nearly all of this is in the "public record" and must be made available to you on demand.

The Freedom of Information is your guarantee of access to these documents. We include a sample of the basic FOI request letter as well as a sample of the appeal letter that you would file if your FOI request is not handled to the full satisfaction of all applicable laws.

Further, your access to village meetings is guaranteed by the New York State Open Meetings Law (or "Sunshine" Law). For more information on these laws, contact the New York State Committee on Open Government at 518-474-2518 or write to:

Committee on Open Government
NYS Department of State
162 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12231

and ask for a copy of their pamphlet. Copies of the pamphlet are available from the Village Residents Party, as well. The New York State Committee on Open Government has an excellent web site with a great deal of information on this and related subjects.