Antennas for Android - Help File

If you are using Antennas for the first time, please read this description of features and limitations first.


A red circle indicates the cell site that your mobile phone is currently using.

Yellow circles indicate other cell sites in your vicinity, that your mobile receiver is also connected to. Note that only the sites for your current network provider are visible to the application. This feature is not available on CDMA and UMTS

Smaller yellow circles indicate other cell sites in your vicinity that your mobile receiver was able to connect earlier in this session, but are now out of reach.

A blue circle indicates user location as reported by the GPS (G), the Google Network Location service (N) or as best guessed based on nearby antenna locations (A).

If you have a valid GPS location, a separate darker blue circle marked (N) indicates the "Network Location" determined by looking at nearby mobile and WiFi antennas. If you are using CDMA and WiFi is turned off, this should coinside with your active antenna location.

The numbers in the circles indicate signal strength. To calculate dBm from the number shown, use the formula dBm = -113 + 2 * strength. Values below -112 dBm are shown as 0, values over -52 dBm are shown as 31. If signal strength is unknown, a "?" is shown.

On some CDMA networks, signal strength indicators are not available. Instead the letter "A" (for Antenna) is shown.

Pan and zoom are available (just touch the map). To return to your location and/or switch to satellite view, hit the MENU button

Menu Options

Turn Autocenter On/Off: When enabled, the map will always recenter at the current location.

Location Settings: Shortcut to permit each enabling of the GPS.

Use Sat/Map View: Choose a map or satellite photo view of the map.

Compass: Display a compass indicator on the screen. Rotate the phone until the needle points up. The accuracy of the compass depends on the accuracy of the phone's mag sensors. Please calibrate the compass using any of the specialized compass tools available for Android.

About: Display version info and IMEI.

Save KML File: Creates a KML file in /sdcard/Antennas. This can be views on your PC using Google Earth.

Start/Stop Logfile: Logs all antennas seen in a .log file in /sdcard/Antennas. This is for advanced users who wish to review and process the data using other tools. It is best to also enable background mode to generate a complete log.

Scan/Don't Scan in Background: Scanning when the application is in background allows you to collect and cache more antenna locations, but will consume more battery. After setting B.M., use the HOME key to switch to other applications To exit the application and cancel background mode, use the BACK key

Change Log:

0.75: Added "scan in background" option. We'll need this when we get a logging option (soon!)

0.76: Added wakelock.

0.81: Added compass option; Bug fixes: Release GPS when not needed (reported by Jacob), fixed lines overlapping circles (reported by Piotr).

1.0: Added CDMA, Logfile & KML output. Revamped help files. Many thanks to Gary, John C, John K, John S, Marc, Jacob and all the other beta testers who helped!