WristApps for the Timex Datalink USB

WristApps - Applications that can be downloaded and run by a Timex Datalink Watch.

The Datalink USB is Timex's followup to the successful Datalink 150 watch. Its key feature is the ability to accept user programs called Wristapps.

Check here occasionally for new wristapps, information and links!

Last Updated on May 15th, 2003.


Zali is a simple puzzle for the Dalalink USB

Download Zali (Dated May 14th, 2003)

To install Zali, just expand all its files into the APP subfolder of the Timex Datalink USB application.

More WristApps to Come!

Wristapps for the Timex Datalink 150 are available here


Timex's official Datalink USB Product Page

Timex Wristapp Developer's SDK

Philip Hamer's YotZ wristapp

Sean Flanagan's Sound Editor Software

Datalink USB Yahoo Group

This page, and the WristApps available on it, are maintained by Michael Polymenakos
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