Greater DC Area Cue Sheets

The routes listed here are provided for information only. They are intended for use by experienced cyclists. Bicyclists using any of these routes assume all risks for their own safety. The routes indicated are regular roads used by automobiles and trucks, and they have no special provisions for bicycling.

Neither this web site owner nor the individual authors of these cue sheets can guarantee the safety of cyclists on these routes and assume no legal liability for injury or damage which may occur.

Remember roadway conditions and traffic volume and mix are constantly changing. Caution and good judgment on your behalf are paramount. You should possess adequate cycling skills and be knowledgeable of vehicular laws before attempting to ride on any public roadway.

Children and novice cyclists should not attempt to use any of the routes made available here.

These routes were believed to be valid at the time of publication. Please note that conditions change--road signs disappear or become turned, counties rename or remove roads, road conditions improve or deteriorate, roads are made one-way, construction closes some roads, food stores close, etc, or new roads and developments appear.

The users of these routesd assumes full responsibility when cycling these rides. There is no guarantee about the relative "safety" of cycling or the rides. _____Always ride defensively_____.

These rides are presented in good faith and should be used at your own discretion. You assume full responsibility when bicycling these routes. No guarantee is made as to the relative "safety" of these routes.

Bicycling is an inherently dangerous activity. Cycle defensively.

There is no map or cue sheet which is perfect. These rides were carefully checked before being posted. Each one is dated. Older ones may need more checking before use.

[Cyclist reading a map]
Rides from 1st half, 1995
Rides from 2nd half, 1995
Germantown Ride, 2001
Viers Mill Rec Center Ride, 2001

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