Learn your Download Speed
    • Cnet.com IS a safe web site.
    • Cnet.com has a web page that will test your computer and tell you its download speed.
    • Download speed varies with internet traffic, et al.
    • Thus, averaging readings at different times of the day and week will be informative. This Cnet test will not create new files on your computer.
    • For best reslts, little/nothing else should be running. Other internet actvities and even non-internet but CPU-intense activities slow a computer.`
    • Running this test several times means looking for ways to ease handling the 4 questions.
      • Question 1 asks for an area code.
      • Question 2 lets one specify the type of connection - modem, DSL, Cable, etc. Testing varies so the correct choice IS needed.
      • Questions 3 and 4 needn't be answered; just hit Enter
      • To repeat test:
        • Double click your browser's back button.
    Test your computer

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