Jeff Berry Plays Bass

Sloterdijk/One Eyed Bishops/Back To One

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Band Pix

OEBs at Bar 169, Sep. '07
Mike Burro, Jeff

Bass Pix
Sloterdijk at Cherrywood Grille, Dec. '07

The last few gigs

OEB UK Tour 2013, July 13-28, "Pavilions of the Sun"
  • July 13, Tannerfest, Loddington, Northhamptonshire
  • July 16, live radio performance, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
  • July 19, Beltane Cafe Bar, Buxton, Derbyshire
  • July 26-28, Kozfest, near Uffculme, Devon

Lorree, Mike and Jeff at the Sonic Rock Solstice, July 2012
Photo copyright Steve Czapko, used by permission
The new, "acoustic" OEBs are on the road. Mike and I are joined again by the lovely Lorree True on bongos. We're looking at little more space-rocky set this time, a little lighter on the straight-ahead blues, although there will certainly be some - never fear. Kozfest tickets are scheduled to go on sale Jan. 25, and tickets will not be available at the door ...
Apr 6, at Hebe Music in Mt. Holly, NJ
A warm-up gig for UK Tour (see below). We go on at 7:30, Rock and Roll Standard Time. Lineup will be Mike, Lorree and me, with possible guests on some songs. The set should be a bit more folksy-spacy than some of our previous gigs.


Recent Gigs

OEB return to the UK for the Sonic Rock Solstice in Wales, June 15-17, 2012
Once again, Mike and I are hopping the pond, this time for a set at the Sonic Rock Solstice. The lineup looks great. Girlschool is back, also the Hawklords. I'm quite excited about Underground Zero. Flutatious, one of the great bands I first learned about at Hawkfest, will be there as well. Although there were some electric gigs with the Hawkfest lineup (Ant, Phil Smith and Basher), the SRS itself was acoustic with Lorree True backing us up on bongos. A couple of videos of the gig were shot, like this one.

OEB take Manhattan, September 24, at The National Underground
We return to NYC with an early evening show on the Lower East Side. The lineup is looking pretty good: Mike and me, guitarist Scott Stuart, Stewkey, and Jay Adock on drums. We'll have as a special guest, Ant on Tenor Sax, and I'm told we'll have another guest on sonic oscillator and swoopy sounds. This is a rare NYC appearance, so come on down and check it out. The venue sounds pretty good, 3.5 stars and 57 reviews on yelp.

The National Underground, 159 E. Houston St., NYC. We go on at 7:30. Tickets are $10 at the door, or $5 in advance, available here

Last minute gig at Dr. Lous Roebling, NJ, 11 June 2011
This gig is mostly in honour of Ant, visiting from England. Ant played sax with the OEB at Hawkfest (see "Recent Gigs" below). It's not quite an "open mike" since we are actually scheduled and expected, but it's got a looser feel than most gigs. Check out the "rules" link on Dr. Lou's site.
The lineup is is Mike, Stewkey and Maria Stella. Scott Stuart who played at Country Lakes with us is back, and the mighty Jay Adcock returns on drums. Ant, visiting from England, is playing sax, and, of course, I'll be there.

We expect to go on between 9 and 10, and have a short set-list.

Mid-winter Meltdown at Country Lakes Pub, Browns Mills, NJ, 19 February 2011
Mid-Winter Meltdown w/ Mike Burro & Friends, Country Lakes Pub, 58 Lakehurst Road, Browns Mills, NJ 08015.
This gig has Mike and me, of course, as well as semi-regulars Stewkey and Maria Stella. Russ T. Blades, who's worked with Joe Lynn Turner and Vince Martel, will be sitting in on drums. Music starts at 9pm and we play several sets, finishing around 1am.
No cover, over-21 years to enter the venue. Check the monthly highlights page for the publicity shot ...
UK Tour 2010
Well, as is usual for us, things have gotten interesting. We were booked for the Onboard the Craft Festival in the Midlands the first weekend of September. That gig is up in the air. However, we are booked for Hawkfest the last weekend in August. (Enter the site and click on the Hawkfest link.) We'll be filling out the lineup with some members of UK band Headsmith and Hawkfest looks like it'll be a trip - in all the best ways.
Update: Hawkfest is a go! Onboard the Craft is not. I'll be staying in the UK through the following weekend to go back to Hampton Court to watch the Tudor kitchens in action. (Which has nothing to do with the band, but is pretty awesome.)
Hawkfest was great. The Isle of Wight is lovely and the band we put together was fantastic. I wish we had a sax player all the time.

Past Gigs of Note

The All Call Inn, Ewing, NJ, Friday 7/24/2009, 9pm, $5 cover
The All Call Inn, 214 Weber Ave., Ewing, NJ, 08630. There are three other acts also on the bill. We go on at 9 ...

Hamilton Lanes, Hamilton, NJ, Friday 5/8/2009, 12pm, $7 cover
Hamilton Lanes, 1200 Kuser Rd., Hamilton, NJ, 08619. Mike has lined up some more opening acts, we're theoreticaly on at midnight. The beer is pretty cheap (at least by NYC standards - $3.75 or $4). This is our third gig at the Lanes ...
(This is the Hamilton near/in Trenton not the Hamilton way over on the Shore. The place is hard to see if you're coming from the West so be warned!)

Hamilton Lanes, Hamilton, NJ, Friday 3/13/2009, 11pm
Hamilton Lanes, 1200 Kuser Rd., Hamilton, NJ, 08619. Mike lined up some opening acts, and some of the SCA gang showed up. Just Mike and Jeff.

Hamilton Lanes, Hamilton, NJ, 2/28/2009, 11pm
Hamilton Lanes, 1200 Kuser Rd., Hamilton, NJ, 08619. This turned out to be the Mike and Jeff show ... a decent set with some new (to us) material.

Corner House Tavern, Columbus, NJ, 11/29/2008, 9pm
Corner House Tavern, 24509 E Main St., Columbus, NJ 08022, INFO LINE ( 609 ) 298-8543. Free show!
Description:If there is one OEB show to see this year, it's this one. This is a very special (Mike's) home town show. The band will be playing from approx. 9PM until ? and it's bound to be a blow out, so get there early to find a stool or seat.
We will be featuring a few guest performers including Maria Stella!
lineup is as follows: Mike Burro: guitar/vocals - Stewkey : vocals - Jeff Berry : bass
visit Stewkey's NAZZ site at: and also this site at:

OEB at Uncle Mike's, NYC, 8/23/08, 8:30pm
A good gig - lots of local SCA folk made it and we sounded pretty good. Venue ...
Lineup was Mike Burro, Stewkey and me.

OEB at the Raven Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, 7/18/08, 7:30pm
cost TBA, 1718 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
featuring the rapidly-becoming-classic "acoustic" lineup: Mike Burro: guitar/vocals, Stewkey : vocals, Jeff Berry : bass

OEB at Fig Cafe and Hookah Lounge, Jenkintown, PA 4/20/08, 8pm
$5 show, featuring an "acoustic" lineup: Mike Burro: guitar/vocals, Stewkey : vocals, Jeff Berry : bass, Maria Stella: vocals
Venue ... Address is 437 Old York Road, Jenkingtown, PA, 19046. Menu is middle eastern food, tea and coffee ...

OEB at Dawson Street Pub, Philadelphia, PA, 4/16/08, 8pm
Band Pix
OEBs at Dawson Street Pub, Apr. '08
Free gig featuring the OEBs w/ Stewkey of NAZZ
Dawson Street Pub 100 Dawson Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19127
Description: semi acoustic gig: Mike Burro: guitar/vocals, Stewkey : vocals, Jeff Berry : bass, Maria Stella : vocals
Great Beer selection including YARDS on Tap!!check out: the Pub on myspace, Venue phone ( 215 ) 482-5677

OEB at 169 Bar on Lower East Side, 1/20/08
An "acoustic" set at this bar on the LES in NYC.
169 Bar
A pretty good gig. Just me on bass, Mike on gtr/vox, and Stewkey singing. Stewkey's the real deal.

SLOTERDIJK - Live Yuletide show 12/28/07
Cherrywood Rock Club, Clementon, New Jersey
A technical disaster, but some nice pix.

OEB at 169 Bar, 8/12/07
The usual suspects, Russ T. Blades (drums), Stewkey, Ocean Bleu (percussion). Way too loud for this venue. The 1/20/08 gig was much better.

OEB "Farewell to Buzz" 2/2/07
Buzz's Tavern, Mt. Holly, NJ. The legendary gig which broke the band and got us banned from Buzz's. This was Jay's last gig with the OEB/Sloterdijk to date. We actually sounded pretty good and the whole thing was caught on tape. Check out Waiting for the Man.

OEB at Baggot Inn, 2/04
Greg Ridley Tribute gig, with the OEB opening for a Humble Pie tribute band. Featured the "classic" line up with Jay Adcock on drums.

The New Suspects

  • Jeff Berry, bass, occasional and backing vox
  • Mike Burro, guitar, vox, keyboards (with Sloterdijk, OEB need no stinkin' keyboards)
  • Lorree True, bongos

The Unusual Suspects

  • Jeff Berry, bass, occasional and backing vox
  • Mike Burro, guitar, vox, keyboards (with Sloterdijk, OEB need no stinkin' keyboards)
  • Stewkey, harmonica, vox
  • Maria Stella, vox, tambourine

The Usual Suspects

  • Jeff Berry, bass, occasional and backing vox
  • Mike Burro, guitar, vox, keyboards (with Sloterdijk, OEB need no stinkin' keyboards)
  • Greg Elwell, guitar
Band Pix
OEBs at Baggot Inn, Feb. '04
Constance, Jeff