Feast-Day of Saint Nicholas in Whyt Whey

                              December 6, 2003

Come celebrate the Feast-Day of Saint Nicholas in Twelfth Century French
Style in Whyt Whey with the Coribant Compaignye!

December 6 is the Feast Day of Nicholas of Myra, fabled in later years as
Santa Claus, and the famed Coribant Compaignye will be presenting two 12th
Century works about Saint Nicholas from the Fleury Playbook:

   * "Tres Clerici" (St. Nicholas and the Three Students), which involves
     three students who get cooked into a stew and who are later saved by
     St. Nicholas, will be presented early in the day as a puppet play in
     order to get us into a festive, carnivalesque mood. It will be
     performed in the vernacular - modern English in this case.
   * "Filius Getronis" (St. Nicholas and the Son of Getron) in which the
     saint restores a kidnapped child to lamenting parents, is a more
     narrative piece and will be presented as a staged music-drama later in
     the day. It will be sung in Latin.

Filius Getronis will begin promptly at 5PM.

At 6:00, spiritually replete from the theatrical repast, a feast shall be
served to nourish the body. The head cook is Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne and
further information about the menu is available at The Hitchhiker's Guide to
Ancient Cookery, in the last few articles.

After the feast, there shall be room for dancing and other such amusements
until the hall closes.

During the day there will be space set aisde for an A&S Display and any
artisan who would like to display their work is encouraged to do so.

Important Information:

Date and Time:
     December 6, 2003. Site opens at 1PM, closes at 10PM, must be empty by
     11PM. Those on site after 10PM have volunteered to help with clean up.
     Curtain for the play is at 5 PM, with the feast to follow at 6PM.
     $12, site and feast. There is no off-board. A $3 Non-Member Surcharge
     must be collected if proof of membership is not provided with the
     reservation or at the door.
Autocrat and Reservations:
     Medb of Mull
Head Cook:
     Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne

   * No tickets are available at the door. Only pre-registered attendees
     will be allowed. This is a restriction of the site.
   * Bring an ID! Building security may check IDs at the door.
   * The site is dry.
   * Reservation cutoff is November 15. We must have the list of attendees
     to the site shortly after this date.
   * Parking may be available on the street, or it may not. This is
     Manhattan, after all. There are parking garages near the site.

Directions to Site

   * By Public Transportation:
          Make your best way to Union Square. Go to the southeast corner and
          down to 13th street. The site is between 3rd and 4th avenues on
          the North side of the street.
          It looks like a 1,2 or 3 bus will take you to 13th St. and 4th
          Ave. Walk east to the site. The #9 goes across 14th St as do the
          14A and 14D busses, get off at 4th Ave., walk down one block and
          over to the site.
   * By car:
        o Take your best route to Manhattan.
          From the West:
               If you take the Holland tunnel, you probably should take
               Broadway north to 14th St, then head east.* If you take the
               Lincoln tunnel get onto the southbound West Side Highway to
               14th St, then head east.* From the GWB, either take the West
               Side Highway/Henry Hudson south to 14th and head east* or go
               across to the FDR Drive and follow the directions From the
          From the East:
               Take your favorite East River crossing and then take the FDR
               drive to 14th St. Head west.*

               *You are now on 14th Street. Take 14th to 2nd Ave and turn
               South. Go one block south to 13th and turn right, so that you
               are heading west again. The site is between 3rd and 4th Ave.