An evening at

Hôtel d'Avigné


Re-Opening Digbie's Closet

The March 27th feast is done! It went quite well, I think, and I would like to have another in a few months. Watch this space.

Come one, come all, come a few to an evening of food and entertainment. We shall provide the food, and you must provide your own entertainment. On the evening of Friday, March 27th, the doors of Maison d'Avigné will be opened to revellers of all kinds. The site is small so there are an extremely limited number of seats available. Twenty to be exact. Because of this, reservations are required beforehand since there literally will be no room to seat more than twenty, and twenty is pushing it. If you make reservations, please do show up. In an event of this size, there is not a lot of slop in the funding for no-shows. Reservations are due no later than Friday the 20th of March. When making reservations, please mention any dietary restrictions, keeping the tentative menu below in mind.

The tentative menu is:

For those playing at home, the beef recipe also contains cabbage and the Spinage-Broth contains barely. Since we have reservations from vegtarians, I have dropped the chicken and replaced it with quiche. The quiche, Spinage Broth, Bread, and Apples will all be meatless.

The site will officially open at 7:00 Friday evening, to allow people time to go home after work. If people don't have enough time to get home and back and have nothing else to do in Manhattan for a couple of hours, arrangments can probably be made, although you will run the risk of being put to work setting up and such. Food will be served at 7:30. Promptly. I mean it. After the feasting, people are encouraged to amuse themselves however they wish for another few hours; if the tables are moved some few dances could be danced (if someone brings music, I can provide a player), games can be played (if someone brings them), and so on. How much for all this you ask? A modest $5.00 will cover the entire evening. For more info contact Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné,

For reservations, contact Kamiilah al-Sudanii, 212 666 4291. 549 Riverside Dr. #4K, NY, NY 10027,

Important Numbers:
Date of event: March 27, Friday
Reservation cutoff: March 20, Friday
Cost: $5.00

The events leading up to the event itself will become part of my column, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ancient Cookery.