Expanded Laboratory Experimentation

written by Jeff Berry and Eric Kihn

As usual, roll a simple die for the lab total bonus
Then roll on the following table:

     0  Special
     1-4 Beneficial
     5   Nothing at all
     6-9 Not so beneficial
In all cases, roll again next season means that if working on the same project, roll again. If it does not say roll again, then you may roll a simple die each season and add to your lab total, without rolling on the tables, until the project is completed.

Special Table

Roll for Wizards Twilight, the strength of the Twilight is equal to the lab total bonus. Roll again next season.
Depends on feat: Roll again next season. Spell is difficult to cast, roll a stress die, subtract that roll from all attempts to learn or cast spell. Magic item requires special care. Familiar becomes independant.
Depends on feat: Roll again next season. Spell cannot be mastered. Magic item requires twice the Vis to enchant. Familiar becomes independant.
Depends on feat: Roll again next season. Spell has double number of botches. Magic item requires special care. Familiar becomes independant and opposed, it dislikes you for your interference.
Story Event
Beneficial Table
Discovery: Add 3 Experience points to Magic Theory. Roll again next season.
Discovery: Add 1 point to one of the Arts used. Roll again next season.
Exceptional Success: Level or power is increased in effect by a simple roll.
Unexpected benefit: Spell of power has beneficial secondary effect. Go for interesting over powerful.
Not so beneficial table
Complete Failure: Kill all progress, if a multiple season project, then all previous seasons are lost. A familiar or item is destroyed.
Complete Failure: Just this seasons efforts are lost. Roll again next season.
Partial Success: Spell or Power of 1/2 the level.
Minor Flaw: Esthetically unsatisfying, Roll again next season.
Roll again, 1-7 Major Flaw, 8-10 Fatal Flaw Major Flaw: Serious drawback. Fatal Flaw: Makes spell useless (Invisibility that makes you glow)
Shortcoming Roll again,1-5 Reduced effect,6-9 Restricted Use, 0 heavily Restricted Use: Reduced effect. Restricted Use Heavily restricted use.
Disaster: Roll on disaster table.
Disaster Table Per+magic theory of 12+ avoids the disaster,if it is a botch, roll 1 extra botch die for each point of magic aura. Double botch or better could bring on Wizards twilight, use the magic aura time the level of the botch as the strength of the twilight.
Roll twice
Explosion, roll simple die+level of power, take as damage.
Gain 1d10 Twilight points.
Deterioration. Lose one point from a characteristc (roll on aging table)
Lab ruined. Lose this season and the next salvaging notes. If you don't, you will have only 1/2 your lab total next time you use it. That total will increase by 1 each season in the lab, until t is back to normal.
Something valuable is destroyed.
Mentally Enfeebled. Cannot work magic for the rest of the season. Each season after, make a stress Stm roll of 6+ to recover. A botch means the loss is permanent.
Threat to the covenant.
Creation turns on you. You are hit by the spell, attacked by the item or familiar.
Demonic attack. The magic opens a passage for Demons. The item or Familiar becomes possessed. If it was a spell, then treat as 8.