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Pamela Sheingorn

Fellow, Medieval Academy of America


Professor of History Emerita, Baruch College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Professor of History and of Theatre Emerita, The Graduate Center, CUNY


July 1, 1999-June 30, 2006:

Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Theatre

The Graduate Center, City University of New York


Contact Information:

220 Shaker Boulevard, Enfield, NH 03748

ph.  603-632-7569; e-mail:



B.A. University of Kansas, 1966 (with honors in art history)

M.A. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1969, art history

                  Thesis: “The Naumburg Choir Figures”

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1974, art history (minor in medieval studies)

                  Dissertation: “The Easter Sepulchre: A Study in Art and Liturgy”





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1.  The Passion of Saint Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins (Regnante Domino).  Translated with notes by Pamela Sheingorn and Marcelle Thiébaux.  Vox Benedictina 6 (1989): 257-292. This translation was also published separately as number 16 in the Peregrina Translation Series.

2.  Sermon on the Birthday of the 11,000 Virgins (Sermo natale).  Translated with notes by Pamela Sheingorn and Marcelle Thiébaux.  Vox Benedictina 10.1 (Summer 1993): 38-55.


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Papers Presented in the Last Ten Years:


2000: “Cuckold, Step-father, Patriarch, Malevolent Jew: Constructions of Joseph the Carpenter in Medieval Religious Cultures” plenary lecture for a conference on the four major religious communities found in Europe and the Mediterranean world during the Middle Ages, sponsored by the Center for Medieval Studies, Pennsylvania State University, March 31-April 1, 2000.

2000: “Sacrifice and Paternity in Late Medieval Visual Culture,” Medieval Academy of America, Austin, Texas, April 2000

2000: “Tensions, Ambiguities, and the Pressures of History: Constructing the Cultural Biography of Joseph the Carpenter,” plenary lecture, International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 6, 2000.

2000: “Material Man”: Constructions of Joseph in Medieval Drama,” invited paper for a session in honor of Clifford Davidson, International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 4-7, 2000.

2000: “‘Nostre bon concierge’: Arnoul Gréban’s Practical-Minded Joseph,” invited lecture at the New England Medieval Association, Yale University, October 14-15.

2000: “Performative Reading: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Gréban's Mystere de

la Passion” (with Robert L. A. Clark); Barnard Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference; December 2; also presented at SITM (International Congress for Medieval Theatre) held in Groningen, The Netherlands, July 2001.

2000: “The Knowledge-Producing Function of Violence in Late Medieval Religious Drama,” MLA, December.

2001: “Joseph the Carpenter and Medieval Masculinities or, When Does Saint Joseph Act Like a Man?” invited Lehman Lecture, Emory University; February

2001: “The Politics of Anger: Christine de Pizan’s Fragmentation of Myth,” invited lecture at the Columbia University Medieval Seminar; February

2001: “The Cultural Work of the Childhood of Jesus,” invited lecture at the Delaware Valley Medieval Association, University of Pennsylvania, April 21.

2001. “Omnipotent or ‘Real’? The Father-God in Arnoul Gréban’s MystŹre de la Passion,” Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Chicago, August.

2002: “Fathers and Sons: The Childhood of Jesus in Late Medieval Visual Culture,” Art History Lecture Series, Southern Methodist University, March 21.

2002: “Fathers and Sons: Saint Joseph as Model Parent in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe,” invited lecture for the conference, “The Family in Medieval And Early Modern Europe, Arizona State University.

2002: Invited lecture, “Gentle Violence: Constructing Saint Joseph the Carpenter,” Medieval Studies, University of Minnesota

2002: Invited lecture “Real Men Change Diapers”? Masochism and Masculinity in Late Medieval and Early Modern Visual Cultures,” Art History, University of Akron.

2003: invited lecture: “Where to Turn?: Seeing Gender in Medieval Visual Culture,” Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

2003: “Queering Joseph in the Primer of Claude of France,” International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

2003: “Visible Words”: Gesture and Performance in the Miniatures of fr. 819-20, Colloquium on the Miracles de Nostre Dame par Personnages, Amherst College (with  Robert Clark)

2005, April: Invited plenary lecture, “Performance, Gender, Visual Culture: Medieval Studies Has Never Been Modern,” Annual Meeting, Medieval Academy of America,

2005, May: Invited lecture, “Performing the Illustrated Manuscript: Great Reckonings in Little Books,” Conference on Performance/Performativity in the Middle Ages, University of Chicago.

2005, October: Invited plenary lecture, “The ‘Other’ Jesus: Medieval Reception of the Childhood Miracles,” Annual Meeting, South-Eastern Medieval Association, Daytona Beach.

2005, November: Invited lecture, “The Illuminated Manuscript: A Medieval Performance Piece?” University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Marco Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

2006, February: Invited lecture, “Gender, Performance, Visual Culture: Medieval Studies in the 21st Century,” Columbia University.

2006, July: Invited plenary lecture sponsored by the Medieval Academy, “Experiencing the Illustrated Manuscript: Toward Performative Presence,” International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds.

2007, April: “A Path Not Taken: Joseph the Carpenter as Martyr in the Late Middle Ages,” Columbia Medieval Seminar.

2007, Fall: ‘”Ces mots ici verrez juer’: Performative Presence in the Arras Passion Manuscript,” New York University

2008, March: “Ecce angelus Domini apparuit in somnis ioseph: Seeing the Dreams of Joseph the Carpenter,” Conference on Visions, Dreams, and Insights, Princeton University.

2008, March: “Was Jesus’ Foster-Father a Martyr? Constructing the Death of Joseph the Carpenter,” University of Pittsburgh Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program.

2008, May: ‘”Ces mots ici verrez juer’: Performative Presence in the Arras Passion Manuscript,” International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo (with Robert L. A. Clark)

2008, October: “Encountering the Dying Joseph: Representation, Presentation, and Cognition in the Study of an Image,” Keynote Address, 26th Annual Art History Symposium, Florida State University

2009, May: “Encountering a Dream Vision: Visual and Verbal Glosses to Guillaume de Digulleville’s Pelerinage Jhesucrist” (with Robert L. A. Clark)

2009, May: “Embodied Meaning in Images of the Married Life of Mary and Joseph,” Birkbeck Symposium, “Rethinking Medieval Marriage,” Birkbeck College, University of London

2009, September: “Perceiving the Object: Cognitive Studies and Art History,” Symposium, “Emerging Disciplines,” Rice University, Houston

2010, March: "Seeing Hearing: The Potential for Multisensory Reception in Early Illustrated Lives of Mary," Symposium, "Material Images, the Senses, and Religious Experience in the West from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period," University of Wisconsin, Madison.

2010, April: "Hearing an Illuminated Manuscript: The Role of the Auditory System in Performative Reading," Colloquium on Medieval Devotion sponsored by the PhD Program in Medieval Studies, The Graduate Center, CUNY


Work in Progress


A Cultural Biography of Joseph the Carpenter

An interdisciplinary study of the representations of Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary and step-parent of Jesus, from the Early Christian period to the present. This book is under contract to the University of Notre Dame Press.


 Illustrations in Medieval French Play Manuscripts (with Robert Clark)

An ongoing study of illustration in relation to play text in manuscript context.


Fellowships and Honors

1962-66  Watkins Scholar, University of Kansas

1962-66  General Motors National Plan Scholar

1966     Phi Beta Kappa

1967-68  Ford Foundation Fellow

1968-69  Kress Foundation Fellow

1970-71  Kress Foundation Dissertation Research Stipend

1975     CUNY Faculty Research Award

1977     NEH Summer Seminar, "Medieval Origins of Modern Drama," directed by Jerome Taylor, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

1978-79  NEH Fellowship in Residence for College Teachers, University of Chicago; participant in seminar, "Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England," directed by David Bevington.

1985-86  NEH Fellowship for College Teachers.  Project: The Interdependent Origins of Drama and Sculpture in the Early Middle Ages.

1985-86 Visiting Fellow, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Princeton University

1991-98  CUNY Faculty Research Awards

1998-99 Visiting Fellow, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Princeton University

2002-    Fellow, Medieval Academy of America

2009 "Liminal Spaces," a symposium in my honor, Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

2010 Recipient of the Medieval Academy of America's Robert L. Kindrick-CARA Award for Outstanding Service to Medieval Studies.


Professional Activities

Co-editor from 1994-2005 with Richard K. Emmerson of Studies in Iconography, an annual, interdisciplinary journal of 300-400 pages per volume; eleven volumes appeared under our editorship.


Reader for The Art Bulletin, Theatre Survey, Gesta, Speculum, Traditio, Studies in the Age of Chaucer, Theater Journal, Medieval Encounters, Material Religion, Viator, University of North Carolina Press, University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press, Ohio State University Press, University of California Press, Notre Dame University Press, University of Pennsylvania Press.


1983-85; 1987-90; 2001; NEH panels, reviews

1982-85; 1990; 1993; National Screening Committee, Fulbright-Hays Program.

1986-89 Member of Executive Board, Teaching of the Middle Ages, Inc.

1987-90 Member of Council, Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society.

1989 Reviewer for American Association of University Women, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs.

1990-94   Member of Board of Directors, Teaching of the Middle Ages, Inc.

1991-   Co-founder and -organizer, Medieval Feminist Art History Project

1991-94 Advisory Committee, International Center of Medieval Art

1991-   Steering Committee, Medieval Studies Program, Graduate Center, CUNY

1991-   Advisory Board, Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship

1994-96  Member of Nominating Committee, Medieval Academy of America

1995    Member of faculty, NEH Summer Institute, Sex and Gender in the Middle Ages,

            University of Notre Dame

1995-97 President, Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship

1995-96  Vice-President, Medieval Club of New York

1995-98  Board of Directors, International Center of Medieval Art

1995-97 Member of Fellows’ Nominating Committee, Medieval Academy of America

1996-98 President, Medieval Club of New York

1996-98 Organizing Committee, conference “Queer Middle Ages,” Graduate

                 School, CUNY, and NYU, November 1998.

1996-2006 Gründler Prize Committee, Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University

1999-2002 Councillor of the Medieval Academy of America

1999-2002 Board of Directors, International Center of Medieval Art

1999-2006 Research Associate, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, SUNY,


2000-2001 Chair, Program Committee, Medieval Academy of America meeting in New York City, 2002.

2002-2005 Vice-President, Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society

2006.            2005-2006  President, Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society

2005-2014 Member of MART Editorial Board, Medieval Academy of America

2005-         Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Studies in Iconography

2009-10 Chair, Nominating Committee, Medieval Academy of America

2009-2011 Scribe to the Fellows, Medieval Academy of America