Chihuahua-l, an early mailing list for chihuahuas, the brain-child of Frank Jackson, was one of the nicest lists you'd ever want to join. The gallery below was created during the life of that list. It is closed for new pictures.

Chihuahua-l has been replaced by Chihuahua, on Please visit to join.

Double your pleasure, double your fun,
When it comes to Chihuahuas, why keep only one? -- Marli

It seems that Chi owners are so in love with their
little babies front ends that they will do anything to
conquer the problems with their back ends . -- Susan

After god made one chihuahua, maybe he had to make
another one to clean the first one's ears. -- Brad

The cycles on a Chihuahua dishwasher: If you have delicate china, it goes to the puppies. Normal cycle is four tongues. If you have a pot with a real crust, like lasagna, try turning on the 20 tail wagging cycle and stand back. In about 10 minutes the pan will be perfectly clean and ready for disinfection in that funny box near the sink that you put soap in and close the door. -- Irv

On Obedience Training, by the Brite Star Chis, brtstar@PRIMENET.COM.

A little sage advice from the Brite Star Obedience Chihuahuas. None of us four legged Stars read books on obedience and none of us are trained to a particular method!!! The reason we do so well in obedience competition is that our human partner takes the time to understand what makes each of us tick as an individual. This is the whole secret to training dogs. Just like diets for humans, dog training methods go in an out of style. What we, Charlie, Blazin' and Zodie recommend is that you see how your dogs respond to food, praise, and even an ear pinch (OUCH!) if necessary. You will even find that some things work better one day and a different approach is needed another. Don't depend on one method, just because it worked for someone else.

Chihuahuas have strong personalities. Boy, is that an understatement. Learn to recognize the mood they are in and adapt your training to how they act and react. On some days even us guys can be bitchy (sexist male Chihuahua pig speak) and it takes a strong hand to work us. On other days we are overly happy and need reining in. When we are depressed, that little piece of salami and lots of praise works wonders.

The Brite Star Gang

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