The CHIHUA-L Photo Gallery

Dinky Dinky.
Ginger Poo
Katie Katie, take 2
Ginger knows the uses of a new feather pillow on a snowy day!
Poo: "If they can't find me, they can't put me out!"

Katie, sunbathing glamour girl.
Katie, take 2, relaxing in front of the TV at night.
Misty and Lucky
Lucky and Misty
Misty sleeping, and Lucky cuddled next to her. Misty, aka Miss Piggy or Chubs, is 12 weeks old.

Lucky Legend, on the left, stretching (6 months old).
Misty Gold, on the right, watching the camera (12 weeks old).

Both pictures December 1995.

Gladys, Poo & Clancy Gladys, Poo and Clancy, February 1996.
Tito Tito, take 2 Tito on porch Tito with tiger slippers The fashionable and ferocious Tito.
If Dr. Seuss wrote A Chihuahua Story
By Brad Rand

Minnie: Eight chihuahuas, I'm the star,
        Yes, eight I said -- or eight, so far.

Lucy:   Another one could always come.

Kimmie: That thought makes me very glum,
        For I would have to share my toy,
        That does not bring me joy! No joy!

Nella:  A new chihuahua? Good idea!
        We could name her, maybe, Mia . . .

Mia:    Mia? That's MY name, you dunce!

Nella:  Oh, yes, I think I heard that once.

Jessel: This new chihuahua, could she be
        Black and white, a cow, like me?

Bonnie: There are no other cows like you,
        Let's hear it, Jess, let's hear you Moo.

Jessel: Oh, now you're teasing, Bah, I say.

Mia:    Move off that bed! I want to lay.

Lucy:   Oh, you do not! You want to breed it!
        Brad says no, but you don't heed it.

Nella:  Really, Mia, that looks silly.
        Beds keep you warm when it gets chilly.

Jazlyn: I want no new ones, eight's enough.
        A new one could be mean, or rough.

Bonnie: Jazlyn, you are such a sissy.
        I will handle this new missy.
        If she's rough, I'll growl a ton.

Minnie: Ha! You growl at everyone.
        You sound so fierce -- but then you run.

Lucy:   Now, girls, we're not allowed to fight.
        Not in the morning, nor at night.

Jazlyn: Remember, if Brad says we can't,
        We can't, we mustn't, and we shan't.

Kimmie: My toy is gone! How could this be?
        Who took my toy?

Lucy:   Not me.

Jazlyn: Not me.

Nella:  I took it, Kim, between my teeth.

Kimmie: Nella, you are such a thief.
        You give that back, you spit it out.
        Don't make me mad, I'll bite your snout.

Lucy:   There goes Kim, with her big act.
        One thing you lack, my dear, is tact.

Minnie: Another thing she lacks is height,
        She can't reach high enough to bite.

Kimmie: But I can give her quite a smack,
        My mouth is set, my ears are back.
        I'm looking very tough today.

Jessel: Oh, poo, you always look that way.

Kimmie: My tail is pointing at my head.
        Nella, are you filled with dread?

Jazlyn: Nella's rolling on the ground,
        She's laughing at your chipmunk frown.

Kimmie: She dropped my toy! I have it! Yay!
        I told you I would win this fray.

Minnie: There was no fray, you little 'munk,
        But you sure do have lots of spunk.

Mia:    You do, you do, you do, indeed.
        I like that, hey, you want to breed?

Jazlyn: Really, Mia, what a mind!
        Kimmie's not in heat, you'll find.

Mia:    I'm not either, but it's fun.

Jessel: Hey! Let's play! Let's run and run!

Nella:  First one on the A-frame wins!

Jazlyn: Ouch! Who kicked me in the shins?

Bonnie: Oops, I'm sorry, that was me.

Jazlyn: Goodness, how rude can you be!

Kimmie: I am going to win this game!
        Then everyone will know my name!
        From the tippaty-top I'll shout my joy!
        Hey, wait a minute!
        Who took my toy?
Bonnie Bonnie.
Jessel Jessel.
Jazlyn, Kimmie and Jessel Jazlyn, Kimmie and Jessel.
Kimmie Kimmie. (And Brad?)
Kimmie and Jazlyn Kimmie and Jazlyn.
Kimmie Kimmie.
Lucy, Minnie and Mia Lucy, Minnie and Mia. ©Valerie Massey 1995. #620-4. 510.655.0805.
Nella Nella.
Tam's Cocoa Tam's Cocoa
Bessie Bessie, Take 2 Yet Another Bessie Besos Arandanos, "Bessie". (Cranberry kisses.)
Treza Treza (2) Treza Ximil.
Mixha and Chasqui Mixha and Chasqui, Take 2 Bessie and Chasqui Bessie, Chasqui and Mixha Chihuahuas of the Pacific Northwest At Play (Bessie, Chasqui and Mixha).
Dinky, born 1/25/95, caretaker of Meghan and Art
The General, Dinky-Doo, Power Puppy, Baby
Favorite Hobbies
playing chase, sitting in sunbeams, rooting through the laundry basket, stealing shoes, dismembering fuzzy squeak toys, gnawing on rawhides
Kelia Kelia, Take 2 Yet Another Kelia
in her Petco bed
savoring her chewstick
the glamour girl and friend
The Buppa The Buppa The Buppa The Buppa The Buppa The Buppa
Mixha Tamoanchan Mixha Mixha (Mishashi, La-Meesh, Mishi, the Wild Meesh) Tamoanchan, Queen of the Pacific Northwest, protector of venison bones, nipper of ears and giver of chi-niblet kisses, reincarnated Oct. 2, 1994. Sent to Earth to keep tabs on Rio. Lives in Grand Mound, WA.
Chasqui Tequihuac Chasqui Tequihuac, Officer Chasqui of the Canine Patrol, Mixha's faithful companion, born April 25, 1995. Lives in Grand Mound, WA, with Mixha, Richard and Rio.
Penelope The charming Penelope at age 9 mos. The ottoman she is sitting on is her "Command Central" and is usually covered with gooey chewies.
Mabel Frank's equally lovely Mabel (see the beauteous Kelly, below).
Kelly Kelly In A Cup.
Rocko More Rocko Lee Ann's Rocko.
Ren with Peri Ren Elena's Rennaisance Rambunctious, at 2 months and at 6 months. Often spotted on campus at the Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville. She hates going out in the rain, loves licking faces, plays happily with her fellow cat, Peri, and the Pomeranian that lives down the hall, and chews through plastic baby gates like there's no tomorrow.
Chickey-Chan Poco-Li Chickey-Chan and Poco-Li, our Tokyo agents.
Nacho Nacho in a Clown Hat Nacho
Muffin Lucky Legend Muffin (9 years) and Lucky (14 weeks), in July, 1995.
Sasha Sasha, from Albuquerque, NM, born Jan. 23, 1989, Chihuahua-artist extraordinaire. Her favorite medium is tiny footprints on bare floors in white paint. Pines for the oh-so-charming and well-travelled (not to mention GORGEOUS) Bud. Currently tolerating her new house-mate, a chiwawa to be named later (she still gets the special bed). She bemoans her chi-weight-watchers regime, but enjoys the jazzercize.
Wile exc Quixote Wile exc (e for the E. in Wile E.; x for xocolotyl [from Rio]; c from Cocoa [thanks, Tammy]) Quixote. Red-eyed demon bat-dog? Or extraordinary Chihuahua? Cat-fisher extraordinaire and honorary member/mascot of the Corgi soccer team. Sasha's least favored family member.
Buddy The stalwart Buddy, our Canadian chi-ber friend, has girlfriends on every coast. He spends half the year living with Rick in Ontario, and the other half chasing them suntanned Floridian chis. Agent Buddy 007 plays chi-detective with G.G. Mixha (a form of Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego).
Cat Blue Cat Blue, Annette's wee 3 lb. baby.
Persie and Precious David's Persie and Precious. Persie is much more sensitive than her sister Precious, who gives you an adolescent's "you must be crazy" look when you scold her. They are quite fond of each other, and hate to be separated. They've just started crate training.
Bruno Bruno
Sneak Sneak is the most excellent wonder extra super mouse of the universe! He weighs in at 10 pounds and lives in Minnesota with his rat terrier sister, Pip.
Tinker Toby Toby and Tinker Tinker & Toby.
T'was the night before Christmas
and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse......
Toby & Tinker
Aw Mom, this picture-taking thing is getting a bit old. Let sleeping dogs sleep! Besides, I don't like that flash!
Hey, Tink, check it out! Watch me jump up and bite Mommy's nose as soon as she gets the camera off her face.
Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin
Chip Chip at Play Chip
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