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Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems - Book, Video, and CD Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges

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About the Book/Video

A handbook, with its own self-improvement exercises, for all the skills needed to implement successful classroom management, and eliminate discipline problems in elementary, middle school, high school and college classrooms - with a training video and DVD both cued to the book for: education workshops, administrators, teachers and education students. The video can be shown at faculty meetings/education workshops, classes, etc., and the DVD (which has the same demo scenes) can be used for independent training (with better random access) at each student or teachers' private computer.

The video actually demonstrates both the ineffective and effective teacher with real classroom discipline problems, demonstrated by real teachers cued to the skills for each section of the book. About the author.

Cartoon by David Sipress

The video is unique! In the scenes of various discipline problems, these enactments are spontaneously acted out by real teachers and student-teachers. Instead of following a written script, they acted out how their real disruptive students would actually behave, and what they would actually say in these classroom situations. If "the teacher" in the scene does something that is ineffective, what you will see is how their real students would actually respond. And, if "the teacher" is effective, then you'll see how their real students would actually change their behavior.

Both the book and its video do not just help with handling discipline problems, but help educators diagnose the causes of discipline problems, and thereby help with the prevention of disruptive behavior [rather than just controlling discipline problems] for more effective classroom management.

All the suggestions can be implemented without asking educators to change their personal teaching styles, and without the need for a school to revamp its entire program [as some discipline programs require]. The book and video can be used by individual teachers, administrators [who wish to cut down on referrals to the office] or for undergraduate teacher education, special education, and in-service teacher training. Future educators in colleges in Chicago and other cities will find this information very useful towards their training and teaching careers.

Both the book and video are very practical, not theoretical, thoroughly indexed by specific problems, and easy to follow. An educator, instructor or administrator can easily use the book in chapter order, or just use the section s/he immediately needs.

Used by school districts, administrators, teacher trainers and teachers in more than 45 states coast to coast in the U.S., and in more than ten overseas countries and international schools since 1988.

There are a number of books on classroom discipline available today. Most are either so vague and theoretical as to be useless; or they present superficial, quick-fix solutions that never deal with the underlying causes of the problem.

This new edition of a best-selling book (Technomic Pub. Co.), by a nationally recognized authority on classroom discipline, is different. It is comprehensive and practical, and provides educators with immediate help in dealing with disruptive classroom behavior.

The emphasis is on diagnosis and prevention. The educator is helped to self-train in the perceptions and behaviors that are effective in preventing classroom behavior problems. And it does this in a way that is compatible with the educator's personality and teaching style.

The methods presented in this new edition have been thoroughly field-tested through the authors work with teachers since 1970. The book can be used as a desk-top handbook for individual teachers or administrators, or as a text for pre- or in-service teacher training. It will be useful for all teachers K-l2, administrators and teacher-educators.


Great! Comments from Educators Who Have Used the Book/Video


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