Photos from the "Fast Food" years

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture. These are all my own snapshots.

The O'Hare oasis had the windows blocked out at each end (compare this to the photo of Lake Forest above). Note the empty terrace to the right. The Hinsdale oasis (Wendy's) retained all of its windows, but some were blocked out by a silver-backed insulation that wasn't obvious from a distance.
The walkway across the bridge at Lake Forest. The gate at the left is permanently locked. On the opposite terrace you can see a few concrete picnic tables; these were removed from all the other locations. At the upper right you can see the canopy of the gas station. I think the large brown object to the right of the terrace (behind the tree) is the fence around the air conditioning plant.
This is the back entrance to the restaurant at Lake Forest. In the foreground is the railing around the outdoor stairwell that leads to the basement under the terrace. Straight ahead (through the doors) is the indoor stairwell. To the left is the indoor freight elevator (there was also an outdoor freight elevator, not visible here). To the right is the doorway into the kitchen area. Straight ahead, beyond the stairwell, is a narrow hallway that leads to the concourse on the other side of the building.
A view of the tollway from inside the restaurant at Lake Forest.
This is one of the McDonalds locations. Their small gift shop is behind the blocked-out windows in the center. The yellow stripes on the roof light up at night. Note the potted tree stump on the otherwise barren terrace.
McDonalds from the other side. These windows are behind the kitchen area, there are no windows in the dining room. Again note the empty terraces. The post in the left foreground is the control box for the freight elevator that goes into the basement under the terrace.
This was taken at night looking in through the windows at McDonalds. The dining room is behind the wall straight ahead, with no windows on either side. There are doors to the right leading into the restaurant. At the left is a large empty area that originally had children's outdoor play equipment, but it was later removed. Note the concrete picnic tables indoors, and the empty terrace outdoors.
This is what the McDonalds locations look like from the parking lot-- no windows at all, just a blank wall with a door.

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