Photos of the Lincoln Oasis

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture. These are all my own snapshots.

The Lincoln oasis has a steel frame instead of concrete, and there is no center support in the median. Originally it was all glass like the others, but when Burger King took over in 1984, all the glass was removed from the east side, making it look like a barn (The large number of trees limit the possible camera angles, sorry about that).
Here's a better view of the west side, which retained a few windows. Behind these windows is a hallway, the dining room is in the middle of the building with no adjacent windows. This photo was taken after the "Burger King" sign was removed, if you look closely just below the roof you can see the metal brackets that held the letters.
This is where the outdoor terrace would have been, except that Lincoln doesn't have any. The parking lot ends at the sidewalk to the right, and there's a short "bridge" to the entrance behind the trees.
Another view of the area between the sidewalk and the restaurant building, where the outdoor terrace would have been. The "bridge" to the entrance is out of the frame to the right.
There's an access road to the basement level at one corner, which is where they store the trash.

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