Photos from the Fred Harvey years

The two identical cars above are 1959 Chevrolets. This is from an old postcard.

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture.
The B&W pictures are photocopies from the archives at the Tollway Authority.
An Oasis under construction in the 1950s. The bridge girders are in place but the restaurant building hasn't been built yet. The gas station buildings are in place but the parking lots aren't paved. Note the cars parked along the main roadway.
Aerial view of one of the gas stations. This shows the doors for the two service bays at the back of the gas station (this building was removed when Mobil replaced Amoco in 1984). Truck parking is to the right, with employee parking to the right of that. At the lower left is a pump for diesel fuel (not really visible). The corner of the restaurant building is at the upper left, with the main parking lot in front of it. (This picture is fuzzy because it was blown up from a section of a larger photograph).
A larger aerial view of the whole complex. The glass walls of the gas station building match the styling of the restaurant building. Despite the "posterized" look of this photocopy, there is an amazing amount of detail visible.
View from the hallway outside the restaurant. The kitchen is visible on the left side in the back. Note the yellow curtains folded bewteen the windows, the coat rack in front of the closed section of curtains, and the small tree just to the right of center. I see at least three waitresses here. This is from an old postcard.
View from the other direction, with the gift shop to the right. The round object hanging from the pole to the left is a clock. Again note the tree in the center.
View from the roadway. Above the car to the left, you can see the clock on the pole inside, with the coat rack to the right of it. On the right side you can see the glass walls of the gift shop inside.
View from inside the gift shop-- it looks like they sold a lot of glassware! Through the doorway in the center is the hallway, and outside the window you can see part of the fence around the outdoor terrace to the right. This is from an old postcard.

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