Photos from the Howard Johnson years

This scan from an old postcard comes courtesy of Rich Kummerlowe, who runs a website on Howard Johnson history.

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture.
View from the hallway outside the restaurant. Note the dim lighting in the dining room area, and the bright light coming in the windows at the far left, and from out of the frame on the right. This is from an old postcard.
View from the opposite direction, from inside the restaurant. The ice cream stand seen in the postcard above is to the left (behind the unidentified customer), with the hallway beyond it. (Snapshot taken by a former restaurant employee)
A view of the gift shop, from the same postcard as above.
Howard Johnson's vending route truck, after it rear-ended a dump truck on the Tollway. The address on the side of the truck is the street address of the O'Hare Oasis, where the vending division was based (snapshot taken by a former employee).

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