Midtown Views

These views were taken while I escaped from the office for lunch. I scanned these from the Polaroid proofs.

Herald Square

[IMAGE](189KB) 00:04 on Polaroid Type 54 film

This is a look back towards the Empire State Building from Herald's Square.

On Broadway

[IMAGE](189KB) 00:04 on Polaroid Type 54 film

This building is on Broadway south of Herald Square. I love the older buildings with their ornate rounded corners.


[IMAGE](189KB) 01:04 on Polaroid Type 54 film


This used to be Altman's department store. Now it houses part of the CUNY graduate school (still under construction) and the Science, Technology & Business Library of the New York Public Library.

The second scan is from a TMax 100 negative using an Artec ScanROM 4e scanner. I'm currently debating changing the format of my pages to use inline images about this size with no link to the big images. Please let me know what you think.

The Empire State Building

[IMAGE](189KB) 00:04 on Polaroid Type 54 film

This is looking back from Madison Avenue.

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