Seeking New Moderators for and

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The moderation teams of the and newsgroups on Usenet are seeking additional qualified
people to serve as moderators.

Desired qualifications include:

 - Internet access, including Usenet, web, and e-mail.

 - Ability to follow the moderated newsgroups and check e-mail at least
   once daily (vacations and leaves of absence accommodated).

 - A sincere interest in radio.

 - Support of moderated newsgroups in principle.

 - A non-anonymous identity, including a real last name or callsign, and
   a routable e-mail address.

 - A verifiable record of good conduct on the newsgroups going back at
   least 6 months.

 - Willingness  to  be  a  "team player"  who  follows  moderation  team

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, or have additional
questions about moderating, please don't hesitate to contact us at (the default Reply-To: of
this message).

-- Admin