Crossposting Permitted to

Changes followed by "|".

After a 30-day public discussion and feedback period to gauge reader
opinions in March of 2009:

the Moderation Team had decided to consider       |
amending its charter, and permit limited simultaneous crossposting to and one other unmoderated
amateur-radio-related discussion newsgroup.  After a successful trial         |
period (90 days, through early July 2009), we decided to adopt this           |
change permanently.                                                           |

Approved* newsgroups are those that are currently
listed in the latest version of the "List of Big Eight Newsgroups" which
is crossposted monthly to news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, and

Approved* and alt.ham-radio.* newsgroups are those
that have been created consistent with the suggestions in "So You Want
to Create an Alt Newsgroup" at:

Approved regional hierarchy newsgroups are those that contain either
"radio.amateur" or "ham-radio" in their names, including and

We will make every reasonable effort to keep our list of approved
newsgroups up-to-date.  In case we have overlooked any, and a submission
is rejected in error as a result, the rejected submitter can E-mail us
at our administrative contact address (in the signature at the bottom of
this article, and the default Reply-To for the rejection message)
requesting that it be added, and that the article be approved.  We may
still choose to reject articles crossposted to any alt.* newsgroup with
an inappropriate name, including obscene language, embedded
name-calling, or encouragement of unlawful conduct.

Please direct any comments, questions, or criticisms to