IP Search Toolbar: All the Tools Your Browser Doesn't have

Ok, maybe not all . . .

    IP Search Capabilities and Features:  

  • System Tray Icon:  IP Search Toolbar creates a small floating toolbar and places an icon in the system tray.  The toolbar can be easily banished from your desktop and just as easily retrieved by double clicking on the system tray icon.
  • DNS Lookup:  IP Address / Hostname lookups.
  • Finger:  Allows you to specify the finger port.  Results from Finger and Whois queries go in separate windows from which they can be saved, printed or copied to the clipboard.
  • Whois:  Allows you to specify the whois port and server or to choose from a modifiable a list of servers.
  • Ph:  Retrieves email, telephone and other information from any Ph server.  Updates the Ph server list from the Internet.
  • Time:  Retrieves exact time. Can synchronize your PC's clock with an Internet time server.
  • Ping:  Yes, ping.
  • MultiPing:  Ping up to a whole subnet at once.  Unlike other scanning utilities, IP Search doesn't Ping the machines one at a time.  You can PInG an entire subnet in a few seconds, and you can choose how long to wait for replies.
  • SOCKS 4 Support:  All functions except Ping/MultiPing can be used through a firewall using the SOCKS 4 protocol.
  • Non-blocking:  Ever notice how Internet programs hang temporarily during certain network operations?  Netscape users, does this ring any bells?  I hate that!  Which is why this program never does that!  You can cancel any operation instantly, and operations don't affect eachother, e.g. you can finger somebody and do a whois query at the same time.

    To install IP Search Toolbar:

    Other software you might want to use in conjunction with IP Search Toolbar:

  • SocksCap:  A freeware program from NEC that lets you use a SOCKS 5 server with software that doesn't know about SOCKS 5.  This is useful if your SOCKS server requires authentication and won't accept SOCKS 4 requests.
  • Winsock 2 SDK:  From microsoft, includes Winsock 2 for Windows 95, which allows raw sockets (and hence Ping).  The standard Windows 95 Winsock doesn't allow pings (you are forced to use Microsoft's icmp.dll, which sucks).  This is a link to Microsoft's FTP site, but read their license agreement (hey, it's your soul, do what you think is right).  Regular Ping will work whether you have this or not, but this is required for MultiPing under Windows 95.

    License, Bugs, Updates, and other stuff:

This version of IP Search Toolbar is free and you are welcome to distribute it, but, of course, I retain the copyright.  Read the License.txt file that is in the zip. 
    If there are features you think should be added or changed, or if you have any ideas for a better name for this program, or if you think it blows and you feel like taking the time to tell me so, please email me at  saint@panix.com.  On the other hand, this isn't a commercial project, just a, well, a, um, passtime or hobby or something, just something I felt like doing, so I don't promise to do anything more. 

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Please send questions and comments to saint@panix.com.  This page was last modifified May 5, 2002. This page has been accessed many times.