April 24, 1998

Boy, getting out invitations to a screening really eats up your time.  Jessica's postcard is finished and looks cool; I've accumulated over 100 addresses, and Donna used her mail-merge skills to produce labels.  Tonight I tracked down a few stray addresses, stuck labels and stamps on postcards, and dumped the lot in the mail.  Some invitees have conflicts because the screening is on Mother's Day, but I should get a decent crowd if half the people who say they're coming show up.

I finally decided to let the projectionist at AMMI splice my film together on one big reel, even though it will leave two holes in the soundtrack.  As I talk to more people about 16mm projection, it seems clearer that putting the whole film onto one reel is the usual method these days.  If the film should ever see much action, I'll probably have to redo reels one and two with pull-ups--another expense to look forward to.

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