April 26, 1996

Today was our second day of auditions. What a weird process auditioning is! The air is thick with all sorts of psychological vibrations, and you try to ignore them to get the job done. I bet you could do a decent film about an audition, if you thought it out. It could be a low-budget film, too - one location, one day. I suppose there are a hundred plays on that subject.

You try to be nice to auditioning actors to put them at their ease, but you also feel the need to stay distant to make a possible rejection easier. I have trouble with the distance part. Bill and Alex have volunteered to handle the rejections, and I might take them up on their offer. The word "cowardice" comes to mind.

I'm still not sure how well I'm communicating with the actors, but Bill and Alex say I'm doing fine, so I'm not thinking about it too much. The going continues to be tough--an actor connecting with a character is still the exception rather than the rule.

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