August 22, 1999

Robin, Bill, Alex and I rode out to the Huntington Film Festival today for HONEYMOON's first screening (the only one that I will attend, as the other is scheduled during the work day on Thursday), and were picked up at the station by Vic Skolnick, who is unpretentious enough to act as chauffeur at his own festival.  The audience was older than at other HONEYMOON screenings, and sizable enough: approximately 50 people, I'd say, very few of whom were my friends.  Unfortunately, the 16mm sound was less than ideal, despite the festival people's best efforts; but the audience stayed with the film pretty well, laughing at all the funny bits.  (Not all audiences have the nerve to laugh at lighter moments in a generally serious film.)  And the Q&A afterwards was very pleasant, with Vic making some insightful comments in his role as moderator, and the audience showing a lot of interest.  A good experience all around.

Vic mentioned once or twice this weekend that he'd like to bring HONEYMOON out to his theater for a week-long run sometime.  I was very flattered, and will be delighted if he can manage it.  For now, though, the film is going back on the shelf.

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