December 2, 1998

The contract that Bob Seigel and Mitchell Banks worked out (containing some but not all of the minor changes that Bob Seigel wanted) has been in the mail to me for a few days; Mitchell, probably wanting some guarantee that I'm actually planning to sign, asked me to drop off a D2 master tape and a number of VHS tapes.  While I was at his office, he told me that he needed a trailer for HONEYMOON to show to potential buyers.  (A few weeks ago he told me that a trailer was optional; I think he springs these things on me a little at a time so as not to alarm me.)  I don't know whether Robin has the time or inclination right now to go into the editing room with me; when I told Mitchell this, he said that I should just edit a trailer on two home VCRs and see if it comes out usable.  I guess I can give this a go.  He wants to see something in a few days; I guess he has a buyer in mind.

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