February 3, 1998

As I pondered my options for fixing the reel two sound problem, I remembered that there are other annoying noises on the sound track that date back to the sound mix, and that most of them are on reel two.  The tempting prospect of killing two birds with one stone made my decision for me, and I called Paul from Harvestworks, asking him for another session or two to redo the reel two mix that we considered finished in August.  Bill, one of my producers, negotiated with his employers at Harvestworks for me; he couldn't get me the cheap rates of this summer, but he arranged a free hour of mixing because of Harvestworks' possible responsibility for the error.  If all goes well, I'll do the mix session a week from now; then I'll look around for a postproduction house to put the new reel two sound on the D2 tape.  This whole plan isn't as thought out as it might be--for instance, I have no idea how much the audio postproduction will cost--but it gives me the hope of eventually eliminating all the movie's worst technical problems.

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