February 25, 1997

I was turned down today by the Taos Talking Pictures Festival. My friend Gary Walkow had recommended me to its directors, and I've been thinking that Taos was the festival I was most likely to get into. In a way, it's a relief, because I suspect we couldn't have had the print ready in time. But one naturally begins to contemplate the possibility of not being accepted anywhere....

I'm pretty busy these days trying to work out various post-production details. Today I ran to the negative cutter's office at lunchtime to pick up a tape with an Academy countdown on it (you know, the countdown from ten that you see at the beginning of film reels) for Robin to use when preparing the negative cutter's master copy. I also had a chat with someone at a sound house, who explained to me the logistics of putting the sound on an optical track in preparation for making the final print. Even now that we're down to the end of the process, there are an awful lot of things that have to be done.

I'm off to New Orleans tomorrow to help my girlfriend Donna move to NYC, so film activity will be suspended for a few days.

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