January 7, 1998

I couldn't really afford to take the time from work today, but I needed to prove to myself that I had some energy left for this poor movie after all these months of waiting around for a print. So I subwayed to Motion Picture Enterprises with the finished film, and spent $100 on metal reels, metal cans to hold the reels, and a fibre shipping case for the film to live in. (When the film came out of the lab, it was on plastic cores--okay for work in the lab, but not for the real world.) Then I walked over to Lab-Link and dropped the whole shebang off with Tony, who had offered to put the film on the reels. Tomorrow I'll walk out of Lab-Link, hopefully feeling like a real filmmaker, with the ready-for-projection film under my arm.

I also called a few more places about the film-to-video transfer, and didn't find a price as good as the quote I got from Nice Shoes a while back. I want to get that process started soon.

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