January 30, 1998

I picked up the VHS copy of the D2 master today and took it to Robin's office at lunchtime.  The flashes at the end of the film were quite inconspicuous, not the sort of thing to hold up the duplication process over.  With some luck these flaws will never again be as visible as they were on the Rank system at Nice Shoes.

At night, I looked the VHS over at home.  And--I found another problem.  The change between reels one and two, which I placed in the middle of a scene, has an unpleasant sound glitch, as if a frame of sound was dropped in the video transfer.  The cut where the reel change occurs was never the smoothest cut in the world anyway, and with the sound cut bad as well, the effect is quite jarring.  I don't know what to do about this latest problem--I'm getting pretty tired of dealing with this kind of technical defect in the home stretch, when I expected these issues to be long resolved.  Guess I'll sleep on it.

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