July 22, 1996

Spent most of the day returning film equipment with Alex and Nancy, one of the crew members from Montreal. (There, Nancy, you finally got your name in the diary!) Afterwards, a bunch of the crew members gathered at Robin's office to see eight days' worth of dailies. So far, we've only seen images without sound: we won't see talking pictures until Robin and her assistants sync up the takes on her Avid editing system. But the dailies look really nice. It's weird to see something that you shot come out looking like a movie.

The cast and crew members have been meeting at bars and restaurants around NYC for the last few days. The Montreal contingent is finally starting to break up and head home, and the movie social scene will eventually lose momentum. One nice outcome of the shoot is that Frank is going to take a number of crew members with him onto a shoot in Poughkeepsie that begins August 12.

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