July 5, 1996

We finished up the New York portion of the shoot today at McGovern's Bar. Again, we raced the clock to finish before the bar opened, and to get one of the actors out in time for another job. The "It's Coming" game didn't work quite as well as the actors wanted it to, and I let their doubts color my reaction, but the spectators on the set were quite amused.

Conflicts have developed on the set between Dave Park and Duraid Munajim, the student from Montreal who came down to work as Dave's camera assistant. Duraid thinks that Dave is too harsh on him, and Dave thinks that Duraid has an attitude problem. After a lot of serious talks yesterday, things were at least temporarily smoothed out between the two, and they got along swimmingly on the set today.

We're off to Pennsylvania tomorrow with a caravan of about 15 people. Apologies if the diary entries become sparse during our two weeks on location.

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