June 10, 1996

William Sage, the actor from Hal Hartley's films (see the June 6 entry), told us today that he liked the script and is interested in the project, and we did a reading with him tonight. If we choose him, there are a number of problems to be overcome. One is that Sage is a member of SAG (the Screen Actors Guild), and he is leaving it to us to figure out how to deal with SAG's rules. This probably means that we have to become a SAG production if we want to cast Sage, which would cost us quite a lot of money and effort. Another problem is that Sage is leaving town on Wednesday for nine days, so that we have to work out the SAG issue by tomorrow night. This trip would also cut heavily into rehearsal time.

We are sharply divided among ourselves on the subject of which actor to cast in the lead male role. Tomorrow we will do a number of auditions with actors who responded to our Back Stage ad, and afterwards we expect to make a final decision.

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