June 5, 1996

Dylan, the actor who recently resumed communications with us after a few lost weeks, acquitted himself well in today's auditions and remains the leading contender for the lead male role. We still have a few more people to read, and tomorrow's Back Stage listing will probably produce a slew of additional candidates. But the beginning of the shoot is only 23 days away, and it would be very nice if we could use as much of that time as possible for rehearsals. We face a difficult decision: should we cast quickly and buy ourselves as much rehearsal time as possible, or should we exhaust our casting possibilities and risk an inadequate rehearsal schedule?

We made progress today in our hunt for locations: Bill may have found us a bar to shoot in, and we have leads on a university location and an apartment for the male lead. My mother also secured lodgings for the cast and crew in Pennsylvania. A few of the pieces of the production are starting to fall into place.

Alex, Bill and I met today with an aspiring producer who saw one of our flyers in a Brooklyn coffee house. He wants to get us cheap equipment and crew in exchange for an associate producer credit and a crew position. It's all very strange, but we're curious to see what he can do for us.

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