June 7, 1996

Our ad in Back Stage ran yesterday, and 23 head shots arrived in the mail today, with many more to come. Bill, Robin and I sat down with the pile and called six of the actors, four of whom are available for auditions tomorrow. Choosing actors from head shots is such a ridiculous and arbitrary process--in the end you have no alternative but to embrace the grotesque unfairness of it all.

Somehow I'm getting fonder of actors as a result of these endless auditions. They all seem so brave and cheerful about exposing their emotions to total strangers. And there is no doubt that their love for their work is much greater than that of anyone else in the film industry. Money and ambition seem less important to them than the chance to act.

John Nuler gave the okay today for us to take on Duraid, a fellow from Montreal whom we found through the Internet, as a camera assistant. I'll feel better when more of the crew positions are filled.

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