March 2, 1998

At Robin's studio, I sat down with headphones and the new and old reel two sound tracks to listen for defects.  Despite a paranoid effort to find any sign that Paul and I had been working from an old version of the track, no old defects other than the one we caught on Friday showed up.  The mystery of how that glitch reappeared is unsolved, but I'm relieved that it was a lone anomaly.  As for the work that Paul and I did on February 13, it seems that two of the ten or so minor adjustments we made aren't in the final track.  I can't explain this either--I'm pretty sure that I didn't forget to mention any of the problems to Paul, and Paul feels confident that we didn't lose anything from that session.  It's a bother, but I guess that it's not bad enough to keep sweating over--I doubt I can get Harvestworks to do any more work for free.  So I'm going to live with what I've got.  Too bad--it would have been so easy to eliminate all problems.

Next I have to put the new fixes on the D2 video master, which Robin thinks I can do at Nice Shoes.  They aren't an audio postproduction house as such, but this job shouldn't be much of a challenge for them, and I can work there at the relatively low $250/hr price that I get because of Robin's association with them.  Hopefully I won't need much time there.

Meanwhile, I've been calling around a bit trying to find a screening room to show the finished 16mm print.  Because I have only one print, I'd like to find a place with a good projector and projectionist, which makes it harder for me to get a bargain.  So far, the lowest price I've been quoted is $450 for two hours in a 70-seat room at Anthology Film Archives; and I would be tempted to pay an extra $100 for their 200-seat room, so I could invite friends as well as cast and crew.  Even the lower of these prices is more than I'd expected, and I'm not sure that I have enough money for my remaining film expenses.  So I might wait on the screening for a bit.  When I do spend the money, I'd rather give it to Anthology, an excellent art house that could probably use the cash, than to any of the industry screening rooms, which have somewhat nicer premises and comparable prices.

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