March 10, 1997

Robin is finished with the master tapes, but I have to transfer them from 3/4" tapes to Betacam, because that's the format that the negative cutter likes. I went to Studio Film and Tape tonight and picked up the (rather expensive) Beta tapes, which I'll take in to be transferred tomorrow.

Alex and I sat down tonight and went through all the film receipts from last June and July, so that I can prepare a budget for my taxes. This sort of paper trail is usually created during the shooting, but we were too frantic to do anything but stuff the receipts in envelopes. Each of the scraps of paper had a story attached to it--poring over them was a real nostalgia trip. The intensity of the shoot is just a dim memory now--all that energy has dissipated through the tedious, slow-paced months of post-production.

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