May 10, 1996

We auditioned one more actor this morning. Tomorrow is a big audition day, with eight actors scheduled. I'm still not enjoying the process, but I'm getting used to it.

Alex is looking into us getting a business certificate, so that we can open a bank account for the film. Apparently it's important. I'm sure glad that I am not the one dealing with it.

I finished the list of all the camera setups in the film, and totaled up the number of setups at each location, which gives us a rough estimate of how long the film will take to shoot. Fortunately, we came in pretty close to our goal of 18 shooting days. (We were determined to stay within a three-week shooting schedule, because it is generally believed that you can't expect people to work on a film for little or no money for more than three weeks. And film productions usually give one day off per week. Hence eighteen days.) When I went through this same exercise with the script I was working on last year, the shoot looked about twice as long, so we seem to have learned something about what constitutes a legitimate low-budget project. With the information in this camera setup list, we are now ready to make a schedule, which will tell us which scenes are to be shot on which days.

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