May 17, 1999

One more long night was all Paul and I needed to finish the M&E tracks.  We started getting a little sloppier as our deadline approached, and I don't think we felt much of a sense of accomplishment as we wrapped up.  Mitchell Banks had told me not to be too perfectionist about these tracks; I hope we didn't take that mandate too much to heart.  I'll drop the finished M&E tapes off with him this week, which will discharge the last of my obligations to him; any future sales of HONEYMOON should require no further work on my part.

It looks as if my days on the festival circuit are drawing to a close.  I found out that my film is too old for both Telluride and Toronto, which were the festivals I was hoping to try this season.  I still have one or two more applications left in my folder of festival materials, after which I'll retire gracefully.

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