May 28, 1996

To my amazement and dismay, Back Stage rejected our cast and crew notices because I couldn't prove that the film wasn't pornography. I thought that showing them the script would settle the issue (who would make pornography this depressing?), but they were still worried about the sexual subject matter, and insist that I give them three references on film industry letterhead attesting that I am the right sort of filmmaker. We have lost a precious week (or more--there's no guarantee that they'll print the notices even when they have the references) that we can't really afford at this point. This is my cue to complain about America's bizarre attitude toward sex, but in reality I think we're just talking about the innate conservatism of large organizations.

On the bright side, our friend Sue agreed to let us use her apartment as our most important New York location. And we have leads on several other locations. Things are happening again after a slow weekend.

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