November 11, 1997

Tony from Lab-Link screened the second reel of my film and told me today that he hears no problem with the sound track. Accommodating fellow that he is, he's going to send the film to Magno to check it on a good system. I'm bracing myself for a conflict, in case he declines to correct the problem. Pete the timer has been out sick, so they still haven't checked my complaint about the timing in reel 1.

Today I began investigating the process of making a good video master copy of the film, which will be my next step when the print is finished. Robin wants me to take advantage of video color correction technology to fix some of the visual problems that I couldn't get rid of during the film timing process. I spoke to the people at Nice Shoes, a company that Robin has professional dealings with; I can expect to pay them approximately $1500 to make a color-corrected D2 video of the film, and about $300 for an unsupervised, un-color-corrected transfer to D2. That's a big price gap; I'm going to have to talk to Robin and others and try to figure out how much benefit I will get for that money. I'll also need to call some other video transfer houses, as Robin tends to deal with high-end companies.

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