November 16, 1996

Today's informal screening drew 24 people, by far the largest group to see the film. About half the crowd was cast and crew (including my mother and other members of the Pennsylvania crew), so the responses were naturally warm, and we couldn't get any organized feedback under the circumstances. I still detect a respectful-but-unenthusiastic vibe from most viewers, but I got one or two convincingly positive responses, which were enough to make me feel happy. Some elitist part of me is kicking in, and I'm almost starting to enjoy having made a semi-unpopular movie.

Robin and I switched the order of two early scenes before this screening, and I liked the effect of the new ordering. There's very little tinkering left to be done - the film is looking pretty solid to me now.

I seem to have started working on a new script idea--the concept took hold of me a few days ago, and I've been scribbling notes ever since, intermittently but frantically. Now that the creative work on HONEYMOON is coming to an end, I want to move on to the next high.

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