October 23, 1998

Mitchell Banks called this morning to tell me that Jessica's new publicity sheet doesn't work for him.  He's still angry about me resisting signing his deal memo, and our conversation was nearly as unpleasant as yesterday's.  Sometime in the afternoon, Bob Seigel called Mitchell about the deal memo, made one change (the memo is now explicitly called a "letter of intent"), and declared himself satisfied.  I couldn't get an explanation that satisfies me of exactly what the current  memo commits me to; still feeling irritated and off-balance, I called Mitchell Banks and told him I was ready to sign.  Mitchell was back to his old avuncular self and eager to be friends again.  We're supposed to meet soon to discuss how to improve the publicity sheet; it looks as if it will now be impossible to get the sheet ready in time for him to start selling the film at the upcoming European film market in early November, as he had originally wanted.  For two cents I'd tear up this deal memo and call it a day with Mitchell Banks, but I haven't any other prospects at the moment, so I suppose I'll carry on.

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