What the Critics Say (if you ask them nicely)

"A tough, artful exploration of marriage, friendship and sex that completely respects its audience, HONEYMOON has real content, and that is what is lacking in most independent films today.  It's the only independent film by a new director that I've seen -- and I see a lot of films by new directors -- that has kept me thinking about it.  I'd like to see it again."--Bill Krohn, American correspondent, Cahiers du cinema

"Not many movies are willing or able to hack their way through the tangled, complicated emotional territory of Dan Sallitt's HONEYMOON. This funny, harrowing, lucid movie is so mature about sex and human relations that it puts to shame the bulk of what passes for 'adult' entertainment in American cinema. In its deceptively simple way, HONEYMOON pulls off something quite difficult - namely, the illumination of the divide between expectations and reality in the lives of ordinary people."--Kent Jones, programmer, the Film Society of Lincoln Center

"A mature look at the complex interplay of love and marriage and sex and friendship, of intellect and physical desire....  With a remarkably deft economical style, writer-director Dan Sallitt proves that less can be more.  Candid and direct....  A rewarding look at a loving couple's adjustments to newly-shared sexual intimacy and the sharing of nitty-gritty daily routine."--Vic Skolnick, Huntington International Film Festival

"I was stunned by the verisimilitude of Dan Sallitt's HONEYMOON, which captures much of the action in long takes at medium distance.... HONEYMOON deals with a couple's...desperate hunger for intimacy in a way that's startlingly direct and unaffected and real."--Scott Tobias, critic, The Onion

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