September 8, 1998

I saw the enlargements of the HONEYMOON still photos today, and they don't look as good as I'd have liked: one of the photos is too blurry, because the original negative was lost and a new negative was struck from a print; another is a long shot that doesn't have a lot of detail in the shadow areas.  But I told the photo shop to finish the job anyway, because I'm in a hurry and I don't have a lot of other good photos to substitute.  All through the film project I've been trying to suppress the part of me that says, "It's good enough," because I feel that I sabotaged my last movie by accepting too many technical shortcomings.  Mostly I've been pretty vigilant, but I guess these photos slipped through my defenses.

Jessica has been busy with other work, and today she finally told me that she wouldn't be able to do all the design projects that we'd discussed for my film.  This will put a little extra pressure on my schedule, but I think I can take care of most of the work on my own if she can find time to design the poster.  Her design for the film titles and the postcard relied heavily on a particular font (Caslon Open Face); I need to track down a PC version of that font to match the existing materials.

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