September 24, 1998

I managed to make an impression on a buyer for the first time today: a video distributor named Steve Lustgarten, who directed a film called AMERICAN TABOO fifteen years ago.  I was a critic back then and gave him a good review, and he hadn't forgotten and invited me to send him a tape.  If there's one avenue of distribution that HONEYMOON isn't suited for, it's video marketing, but it was still pleasant to meet someone whose work I like.

One of today's panels featured representatives of the Whitney Museum and Lincoln Center, and we the attendees had a chance to talk abstractly about cinema and the fine arts--what a relief after all this market huckstering.  I learned some useful things over the course of the market, but I'm all ready for it to be over.  Tonight was the last market party, thrown by Sundance, a mammoth affair that felt like a visit to purgatory.  I said goodbye there to a few friends I've made, then slipped out early.

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