September 12, 1996

Our second editing session wasn't quite as productive as the first, but we've now finished the first 14 pages of the script. Even though we're getting a lot done each session, I suspect that we'll have to work more often than we've been doing to make the Sundance deadline.

The first section of the film includes most of the supporting performances, one or two of which aren't to my taste--I really wish I had taken the time to get these performances the way I wanted them. But, even though I see defects everywhere, it's great fun to see the film come together. I have a deep feeling that this project is worthy, despite its flaws.

It's interesting how different my sense of time is when we are editing a small piece of film and when we are watching a bigger section. Time and time again I have to lengthen shots, especially transitional shots that exist mainly for the film's rhythm, when I stand back and watch them in context. Any wavering of my attention also throws off my judgment of rhythm. Robin must be getting tired of me telling her to make things shorter, then longer, then shorter. I think we manage to get it right when we get a bit of perspective, but more filmmaking experience would come in handy here.

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