September 4, 1996

Robin is back in town, and we are still going to try to get the film ready for the October 11 Sundance deadline, however unlikely that may seem at this late date. Maybe we can throw a rough cut together quickly and keep working on the editing after we submit the film. Robin still has a lot of busy work--logging, digitizing and synching up the shots--before she's ready for me.

I've been spending some time trying to get the performers' written permission to use their images in the film. Usually one makes each actor, however minor, sign a release form before letting him or her in front of the camera, but we forgot to deal with this problem on the set. So now we have to track down 40 or 50 people and do the self-addressed-stamped-envelope thing with them, so that potential distributors won't be spooked by the possibility of legal action. I was a little worried that someone would be uncooperative or go incommunicado at this point, but so far the operation has been smooth.

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