Welcome to My Online Portfolio

A look at what you will find here

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Keywords: Electronic Newsletter for Queens College GSLIS

First emailed edition of the student newsletter; includes listserver instructions for students.

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New Boats for the Fishermen

Photos from a press conference with the Governor of the Southern Province, Sri Lanka

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Wed - May 31, 2006

Example of Canned Factiva Searches

Used to create Elections 2006 Intranet page.

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Intranet Page for 2006 Elections

Links were made to canned Factiva searches and articles about particular races.

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Example of Diversity Database Entry

Two images showing a full record for a contact in the database.

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Example of 'Did You Know' Item

Sent to publicize the Diversity Database

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Thu - March 23, 2006

My Professional Life

Here is my resume

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Sample of twice-weekly newsletter I managed for five years

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An online archive of photos taken with my Nokia 2650 telephone

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Webwork: Links to My Websites

Websites I have worked on professionally and personally

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Storm Clouds Over Galle

Taken in Galle, Sri Lanka, March 2005

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A man who lost his house in the 2004 tsunami watches a new house go up

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Barney Frank in Maplewood, NJ

The congressman visits to celebrate a year of domestic-partnership legislation

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Purim in Tel Aviv

Shots from the street fair on Dizengoff Street

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Did You Know

Internal email information promoting use of the Diversity Database

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Melody at the Wedding

My niece mugs for the camera

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Responding to the Community

Sample of professional writing; article published in Vision Monday, an optical industry magazine

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